About JTAirshows

JTAirshows provides aerobatic displays to charitable organizations for fundraising events. One of our goals is to foster interest and participation in both national and international competition aerobatics.


JTAirshows provides aerobatic displays to charitable organizations for fundraising events. One of our goals is to foster interest and participation in both national and international competition aerobatics. We also are thrilled to share history through giving rides in World War II aircraft with the Warbird Museums.

Akroville International Airport

We built an “aviation mecca” with 2 grass strips northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in 2003 where we have established Akroville International Akroport.

Living Aviation History

Recently JTAirshows has begun helping to preserve living aviation history providing flights in Vintage World War II Aircraft by volunteering with Aviation Museums.

2016 Schedule

Want to see the thrills up close? Come join us for the 2016 airshow season! We take to the skies in thrilling displays of airmanship while demonstrating the aerobatic maneuvers that push the planes to their absolute limits. Head out to the airport on the dates listed for a fun-filled, family friendly aviation experience!

April 6-8, 2016 Albuquerque, NM-Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour TP-51C Betty Jane & B-25J Tondelayo

April 16, 2016 Durant, Oklahoma-Take to the Skies AirFest-Cavanaugh Flight Museum C-47

April 23-24, 2016 Fort Worth, TX-Air Power Expo JRB-Cavanaugh Flight Museum CV-2B Caribou

May 21-22, 2016 Addison, TX-Warbirds Over Addison-Cavanaugh Flight Museum P-51D The Brat & B-25H Barbie

June 3-8, 2016 Sacramento/Napa/Concord, CA-Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour TP-51C & B-17G Nine-0-Nine

June 10-11 2016 Grayson County, TX, Lone Star Aerobatic Championship-Judging

July 3, 2016 Addison, TX-Kaboomtown-Cavanaugh Flight Museum Skyraider AD-5

July 9, 2016 Akroville, TX-Super D Tango Aerobatic Championship Decathlon

July 20-22, 2016 North Platte, NE-Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour TP-51C Betty Jane & B-25J Tondelayo

July 25-30, 2016 Oshkosh, WI-EAA Airventure-Cavanaugh Flight Museum Skyraider AD-5

Aug 12-13, 2016 Union City, TN IAC Open Championship East

Sept 3-4, 2016 Llano, TX-Hill Country Hammerfest Aerobatic Contest

Sept 10-11, 2016 Newton, KS-Ace’s High Aerobatic Contest

Sept 24-25, 2016 Addison, TX-Fall Fly Days-Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Sept 24-30, 2016 Grayson County, TX-US National Aerobatic Championships

Oct 15-17, 2016 Ft. Worth Alliance Airshow-Cavanaugh Flight Museum Skyraider AD-5

Nov 4-6, 2016 Tallahassee/Leesburg, FL-Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour TP-51C Betty Jane & B-17G Nine-0-Nine


Julia and Tony Wood have decades of experience, including thousands of hours of aerobatics.

Julia has logged more than 18,000 total flying hours, with over 1,800 aerobatic hours. She flies displays and airshows in the Pitts S-2B. She is also competing in the Aerobatic Racing Championship Series flying the Pitts S-2B.

Julia has been a member of the United States Advanced Aerobatic Team in 2002 which competed in Slovenia and in 2014. She was the Manager of the United States Advanced World Aerobatic Team traveling to Sweden in 2004 and to Poland in 2006.

Julia began her aerobatic career in 1996 at Harvey and Rihn Aviation in La Porte, Texas. It was there she met her instructor and mentor, Tony who encouraged her to begin competing.

Julia began flying at 15 and soloed at 16 while a freshman in high school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Earning her Private Pilots license at the age of 17, Julia then attended Purdue University where she earned her multi-engine aircraft rating, instrument rating, commercial pilots license and turbojet flight engineer license and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Technology.

She flew a King Air C-90 for a charter airline in Minneapolis before being hired by a commuter airline in Detroit flying a Fokker F-27. In 1991 Julia was hired by a major airline as a flight engineer flying the Boeing 727. She has since qualified as First officer in the 727, DC-10 and as Captain in the 727. Today Julia is currently as First officer flying the Boeing 747-400.


Tony has over 4,000 hours of aerobatic flying, much of it as an aerobatic instructor at H&R Aviation in La Porte Texas, the east side of Houston, where he taught all levels of aerobatics in the Extra 300, Pitts S-2A and S-2B, Decathlon and Citabria.

He currently competes and does aerobatic displays and airshows in the Pitts S-2B.

Tony graduated form Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Computer Science in 1991. He obtained his flying certificates and ratings from FlightSafety in Vero Beach, Florida.

He was a flight instructor and carried skydivers aloft in Houston, Texas from July 1992. In October 1995 , he was also employed by GTA based in Dallas, Texas flying night cargo in Beechcraft Barons.

Tony is currently a First Officer for a American Airlines on the Super 80 based out of DFW. He flew for American Eagle Airlines prior to American where he was a Line Check Airman on the Embraer. He was also in their training department on the Saab and the ATR based out of DFW. And prior to that Tony was a Captain and First Officer on the ATR, the Saab and the Embraer.



The Pitts S-2B is a two-seat light aerobatic biplane produced by Aviat in Afton, Wyoming. It is powered by a 6-cylinder Lycoming AEIO-540 engine. The wings have four symmetrical ailerons with two aerodynamic counter balances on the lower wings. It has a 23-gallon fuselage tank and a 5-gallon tank in the upper wing.

The Pitts Special is based on the original single-seat design of Curtis Pitts in 1944. The first two-seat version flew in 1967. Aviat still produces the newer version, the S-2C with improved ailerons and rudder.

The Pitts Special dominated world aerobatic competition in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, remains a potent competition aircraft.

This aircraft was produced in 1995 and has been with the current owners since 1998. It has been undergoing restoration for 4 years and is now available for the 2015 Airshow Season!!!

It is highly modified sporting new wooden leading edge wings, 6 foot ailerson-24 feet total!! That’s a lot of roll rate! It has S-2C gear, reducing drag and giving a clean, fast look! It has Barret Precision Engine Special Race Engine with 9:1 pistons — and even red cylinders!!

•Length: 18’9”
•Wingspan: 20’0”
•Height: 6’7”
•Empty Weight: 1,150 lbs
•Max T/O Weight: 1,625 lbs
•Engine: Monty Barrett “Julia Wood Racing Edition” XAEIO-540 310 Horsepower
•Propeller: MT 3-blade Constant Speed Composite
•Max Speed: 182kts (210mph)
•Cruise Speed: 152kts (175mph)
•Load Factor: +9g’s, -5g’s
•Roll Rate: 360deg/sec


The Show

Flight Displays and Charity Rides

JTAirshows provides solo acts, formation acts and acro racing to captivate the young and the old to the exciting world of aviation!
The husband and wife team of Julia and Tony Wood are professional airline pilots, aerobatic competition pilots and airshow pilots! They live northwest of Dallas in their dream aerobatic haven, called Akroville!

Together they have more than 30,000 total flying hours, with over 6,000 aerobatic hours!

In addition to displaying and demonstrating the characteristics of the airplanes, an important part of what JTAirshows does, involves YOU!!

The goal is for YOU to be involved in the show!



Cavanaugh Flight Museum

In their off time, Tony and Julia give back to the community by serving as volunteer pilots at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum based at Addison Airport (KADS) in Dallas!

Tony gives rides and flies airshows in their Stearman N2S-4 Kaydet, Fairchild PT-19 Cornell, North American AT-6 Texan, and a stunning North American P-51D Mustang. Julia gives rides and flies airshows in the Fairchild PT-19 Cornell. For more information on the flight museum or if you’d like to take a flight with Tony or Julia in one of these historic aircraft, visit Cavanaugh Flight Museum’s homepage.

Collings Foundation

Tony and Julia enjoy bringing history to life flying the TP-51C ‘Betty Jane’ and the B-25J ‘Tondelayo’ for the “Wings of Freedom Tour”. They join the tour throughout the country whenever their time permits. Please visit their website for events where you can join them!




Pitts S2B flying overhead
Tony with the Brat III
Julia prepares to fly the Pitts
Tony prepares to fly the Pitts
Julia flying the PT-19 Cornell
Tony flying the J3 Cub
Julia turning wrenches
Julia with the B-25J

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